ShopMaster Website

The Challenge

ShopMaster Machinery is a sub brand of Delta Power Equipment Corporation. ShopMaster is a very popular tool brand for the DIYer or individuals looking to get an amazing price for quality tools. Our challenge was to design and develop a single page website to kick off the launch of the brand refresh.

ShopMaster Website


The Design

The Design consisted of five sections. The first section would be the header with a buy now option and a hype video for the re-launch of the brand. The second second is highlighting the three new miter saws and quick specs about those miter saws. We achieved this with a layout of cards, with the most popular model highlighted in the center. The third section showcases the upcoming table saws in a modern skew background with a polished metal background.

The fourth section is showcasing the universal portable miter saw stand that works with all three of the miter saws. The last section is quick links to social media and the footer. We felt like we did a great job with a clean modern design that works well on mobile and desktop. With so much content on one page, we broke everything down into simple sections. 


The Development

The site was on a tight deadline. Once the design was approved, we began coding it out using the best coding standards. We always start out on mobile devices and gradually move are way up to desktop. Making sure that the content works well on virtually all screen sizes. We implemented the Expression Engine CMS into the site to allow easy updates to the content in the future. The site is super fast, modern and clean.


We assisted with paid google ad's for this site. We optimized it organically to allow ShopMaster to show up high in search engine result pages. We optimized all content and code to perform for search engines. ShopMaster machinery averaged over 35,000 monthly visitors when under our care.

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