Genie Games

The Challenge

A local startup specializing in mobile game development contacted us to design them a website, with future plans of taking over development. The company is up and coming and is looking to change the way users play games. They make games for all platforms including virtual reality games.

The Design

We don't have many requests that just consist of web design, usually they want our development help as well. But we love a good change of pace! We went with a more "playful" design in our mockups to really drill down on their brand. The home page consisted of 5 sections.

The first section is a brief mission statement for the company and a mockup of one of their latest games. The second section is the game feature section. Here they can showcase what ever game the want with screenshots of it, a description and a download link. The third section is rewards, here users can view about log in rewards they will receive if they play the game for a certain amount of days consistently. 

The fourth section is a blog section showcasing some of the latest articles the company has written in the tech and gaming industry. The last section is the good ole footer for more navigation and copyright.

This site was a blast to design and we had a great time choosing color and typography. The UI is modern, clean and gets the statement of their brand across. In the future we will share our mobile designs and the full case study when we move into development.


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