Double Conference

The Challenge

NewSpring Church is a great organization that serves it's community with pride. We had the opportunity to serve back by helping develop a single page website for an annual church conference they held. They have a lot of sites and pages that get refreshes on a regular basis, so this one has been retired. All assets belong to NewSpring Church, we were only volunteers helping out our community.


The Development

As part of a larger team and ecosystem, we got to hop in and help develop a small part of their impressive web presence. This site was developed with the best coding standards using HTML, SASS, JS. It was decided not to be implemented into a CMS, since the content would not change much and it's life span would be short. Meaning after the conference the site would be retired.

We started out on mobile and coded out the design that was handed over to us from their design team. Once it was done and matched the design perfectly we moved onto the larger screens. After everything was approved the site was launched! 


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