Cruzer Landing Page

The Challenge

Delta Power Equipment Corporation is changing the game in woodworking tools. With the release of their new miter saw line-up including the next generation Delta Cruzer. The challenge was to design and develop a landing page to showcase the new miter saw. The main goal here was a clean modern design, that drives conversions and traffic.

Delta Cruzer Website


The Design

We were fortunate on this project to have professional photography handed over to us. This makes designing much easier, since the assets we were working with were high quality. The design consisted of 5 sections.

  1. Header, showcasing the brand and the new miter saws
  2. 12" sliding miter saw
  3. Hype video
  4. Pro reviews
  5. 10" sliding miter saw

We went with a modern clean design but still got across the grungy feel with textures and colors. The design was informative and allowed users to really get a feel about how high quality this new line-up was.

The Development

Development consisted of HTML5, CSS3, JS and working with Expression Engine (Delta's CMS). The landing page has an average load of 1.48s and is fully responsive. Like all of our projects we focus heavily on how the website looks and works on virtually all devices. Meaning it will look just as good on your iPhone as it will on a desktop computer.

Cruzer Mobile


We focused on SEO by utilizing the best standards in code and content. We optimized all images, tags, titles and much more. Delta was very pleased with the traffic they were getting on the landing page. 

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