Why Palmetto Interactive is different

Different Brand

So who are we ?

Palmetto Interactive Media LLC specializes in web design, web development and search engine optimization. We have a little over 6 years of experience and absolutely love what we get to do everyday. A typical day can consist of making wireframes and mockups in photoshop. Writing code and implementing craft cms. Or using the best seo standards to get our customers found in search engines like google.

Different Code

We DON’T use templates!

One thing that has always drove us nuts is companies that charge outrageous prices for their services and use a TEMPLATE! We never ever use a template to design or build a website for one of our customers. Everything is designed and built from scratch to fit our clients needs. Every project is different and using a template for a customer is just plain lazy.

Different Fireworks

We know what we are good at...

We don’t want to offer a ton of services that we can’t follow through on. We don’t do photography, videography, flyers etc. We are focused on web design, web development and search engine optimization. Those are the things we love and have experience in. So when you see a service listed on our website, please know that we really do offer that service and think we do it well. 

What makes our brand unique ?

We will always focus on quality over quantity. That’s why we refuse to take on a lot of clients. We like to keep the circle small and deliver the best work possible every time. We want to focus on you and only you rather than completing project after project and losing sight of the true goal. We don’t want to be the company that just simply ‘shells’ out projects. We want to be the company that solves your problems and does a great job at it.

We love what we do and we love being different

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