About Us

We are Palmetto Interactive, a web design company in Anderson, SC. At our core we help others by providing quality web services to help uplift organizations. We strive to make personal connections with our clients and build long lasting relationships.

We will always focus on quality over quantity. That’s why we avoid taking on a lot of clients at one time. We like to keep our circle small and work with the best people. We want to focus on you and only you. We are creatives, thinkers and doers who have a heart for people and the community.

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Why we do it

Palmetto Interactive exists to help small and medium sized business reach their goals through modern web technologies. We love designing and building meaningful websites that reach people. At the end of the day it’s about helping good people and organizations succeed through a collaborative process.

“We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients.”

Our Values


Our Promise

We promise to give our all on every project and do everything we can to help you succeed. We will not use paid templates to serve you, we focus on your exact needs and design/build the perfect solution. You will always receive quality creative work delivered in a timely manner. We will stay humble, hardworking and always friendly. 

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